Global Center for Automotive
Performance Simulation

Affiliated company of Virginia Tech

Who are we and what do we do?

The Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS) is an extraordinary facility that provides groundbreaking services for the global transportation industry. We test, model, and run simulations. GCAPS comprises the world's most advanced tire testing facility, a vehicle dynamics laboratory, and a mathematics and simulation team. Collectively, these initiatives provide the full range of services essential for crafting a smarter and more dynamic vehicle through both virtual and physical development. We are engaged in the future of transportation, and we are inventing new methods and technologies. We are about innovation and having fun while doing it.

GCAPS has been built on seeking solutions to transportation design, development, and validation challenges. GCAPS is made up of men and women that thrive on seeking solutions in order to provide test capability and modeling tools not available before. GCAPS is all about solving the "not so easy" challenges the best organizations face when forging forward from physical data to virtual models and back again.

GCAPS is 44 women and men who share the same "why".

We are proud to be an affiliated company to Virginia Tech and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.