Data Acquisition

To support Road to Lab to Math work SoVa Motion has experience and equipment for a wide range of applications. Equipment is available for rental as well.

As with any engineering development program, data is of paramount necessity. Without data it is impossible to accurately assess the baseline state of your system or any developed improvements. SoVa Motion has a large compliment of data acquisition equipment including data loggers and instrumentation. We currently have a PI sigma system, a VBOX GPS system and are in the process of developing our own custom data acquisition system. In terms of sensors, SoVa Motion has an ever increasing stock of accelerometers, linear potentiometers, rotary potentiometers, gyros, IR temperatures sensors, shock load cells, laser ride heights, etc. as well as a full set of Kistler Roadyn wheel force transducers with NASCAR adaptations.

  • Vehicle instrumentation.
  • Data collection.
  • Data analysis and consulting.

Wheel Force Transducer

In order to augment the laboratory testing and track/proving ground testing support, SoVa Motion has four Kistler wheel force transducers. SoVa Motion’s full set of Kistler Roadyn S650 wheel force transduces include NASCAR hub assemblies with all the mounting hardware and electronics. We have all four inboard stators and two out board data transmissions.