Make the most of your vehicle’s performance with SoVaDAT

"How can we go faster?" SoVaDAT can help you answer that question.

New, simple, cost-efficient data analysis tool will help you make the most of your vehicle’s performance at the track

Engineers at the Southern Virginia Vehicle Motion Labs (SoVa Motion) have launched a new data analysis tool that will do the math for you, letting you focus more on a successful day at the track. SoVaDAT is an easy access tool that revolutionizes the way drivers, crew chiefs, and support teams use data, keeping you informed about your vehicle’s performance, all without breaking the bank. SoVaDAT can be used for track days and racing road courses, asphalt, dirt. Any kind of driving where the goal is to expand the limit.

With minimal setup or effort, all of the most important pieces of data are displayed to SoVaDAT users. You can set up custom lap splits to compare data in a specific track section, select a location on the track and see exactly what your car is doing at that very point, or show drivers when they are easing off the gas, picking it back up, and how much steering wheel angle is used, all at the press of a button and without having to spend time learning new software.

Making informed track decisions with SoVaDAT will:

  • Make your track time more efficient, meaning you will waste less time and less gas, use fewer tires, and make fewer guesses and fewer engine repairs.
  • Show you the reason for a slow lap time.
  • Help you make better, more accurate decisions about setup changes, decreasing setup time between lap runs.
  • Help teach a driver how they are driving. Using SoVaDAT's comparative lap analysis will show your driver how they performed on different days, different laps, or even among other drivers.
  • Show your shock travel at any point along the track, instead of the maximum for the run. This allows you to replace your shocks for every situation.

Price and Purchasing

  • One year, single device software license: $500.00
  • To purchase SoVaDAT, click the “Buy Now” button. SoVaDAT can only be purchased through PayPal.

SoVaDAT Delivery

After your purchase, a SoVaMotion representative will email you within one business day to deliver the SoVaDAT software and provide you with the additional installation instructions. Please note, this license is device specific and can only be installed on one computer.

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More Information

To use SoVaDAT with ease and to optimize success, the following basic sensor packages are required:

  • GPS
  • Shock travels
  • Throttle position
  • Steering position

To enhance your data output, additional sensor packages are recommended:

  • Lateral acceleration
  • Longitudinal acceleration
  • Un-sprung spindle acceleration
  • RPM
  • Spring loads
  • Bump stop loads
  • Bar loads
  • Laser ride height
  • Tire temperature
  • Wheel speed

SoVaDAT reads in multiple file formats and is compatible with numerous data acquisition systems (MoTeC, Pi, AIM, and Mars), increasing the ease of use and portability of the software. To use SoVaDAT, simply load a file (data can be exported to .csv, .mat, .xls, or .txt), and SoVaDAT will handle the rest.


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Use the Comparative Lap Performance tool to discover where errors are being made. Use Colored DataMaps to locate steering and throttle mistakes. Check the Driver Tab to see data for Throttle, Steering, Braking, and RPM, based on distance or Time. SoVaDAT has an easy setup, so you can analyze your data faster. Check shock travel performance with the travel tab, and shock velocities with the histogram tab. Plot data channels you are interested in with the Custom Plotting Tool.

System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7, 8.x or 10 64-bit Windows 7, 8.x or 10 64-bit
Processor Intel or AMD 64-bit processor Intel i7 processor
Memory 4GB 16GB
Monitor 1366x786 1366x786
Storage 250 Gb HDD with 434Mb of free space 250 GB SSD with 434Mb of free space

Data Acquisition

To support Road to Lab to Math work SoVa Motion has experience and equipment for a wide range of applications. Equipment is available for rental as well.

As with any engineering development program, data is of paramount necessity. Without data it is impossible to accurately assess the baseline state of your system or any developed improvements. SoVa Motion has a large compliment of data acquisition equipment including data loggers and instrumentation. We currently have a PI sigma system, a VBOX GPS system and are in the process of developing our own custom data acquisition system. In terms of sensors, SoVa Motion has an ever increasing stock of accelerometers, linear potentiometers, rotary potentiometers, gyros, IR temperatures sensors, shock load cells, laser ride heights, etc. as well as a full set of Kistler Roadyn wheel force transducers with NASCAR adaptations.

  • Vehicle instrumentation.
  • Data collection.
  • Data analysis and consulting.

Wheel Force Transducer

In order to augment the laboratory testing and track/proving ground testing support, SoVa Motion has four Kistler wheel force transducers. SoVa Motion’s full set of Kistler Roadyn S650 wheel force transduces include NASCAR hub assemblies with all the mounting hardware and electronics. We have all four inboard stators and two out board data transmissions.