Material Integration

  • Integration and Manufacture of Material Supplier Technology into Tires
  • Complete Extensive Performance Testing to be used for Marketing of Technology with comparison to current
  • Technology material characterization equipment and rubber mixing equipment available
  • Coordination of current testing standards (Rolling Resistance, Treadwear, etc.)
  • Creation of new tire testing procedures (Noise, Flat Spotting, Indoor Treadwear, etc.)
  • Project summaries and reports with an end vehicle application focus
  • Currently aligned with one tire manufacturer, in discussions with others to produce control and new technology tires

Spider Chart

To fully understand the impact of a material change, the entire spider chart characteristics need to be measured. At the NTRC the full spider chart data will be generated to aid in the understanding of the material and it’s application in tires.


Laboratory testing of material samples can be executed with NTRC.