SoVa Motion Offerings

SoVaDAT Data Analysis Tool

Take data from any data acquisition system, load it into our easy to use data analysis tool, and see what the driver is doing with steer, brake and accelerator. Also, see what is going on in each corner of the car at each corner of the track. Shock displacements and other important data are easily viewed and used to improve the driver and the car's performance. Dirt, asphalt, or road course.

Price: $500 for a one year use license

Track Test Support

We instrument the car and support the test with car and driver data analysis using SoVaDAT. Client keeps a copy of the SoVaDAT for one year to do more analysis on their own. Dirt, asphalt, or road course.


  • $2250
  • $3000 - track test and pull down combo

Pull Down Rig Services

This service measures chassis suspension in static and dynamic conditions and shows accurate bump stop loads and engagement points. The Rig can simulate acceleration and deceleration loads and predict impacts of set up changes. If you are interested, give us a call. If you are within a 150-mile radius of our shop at Virginia International Raceway, we will come to you and provide you with pull down data for your car at no extra charge. If you are further than 150-mile radius we will still come to your location but there will be a travel fee in addition to the $1000. You can also come to our shop. Dirt or asphalt legends.

Price: $1000

8-Post Shaker Rig Testing

An 8-Post Shaker Rig is used to simulate race tracks, allowing various suspension set ups to be tested prior to race or track events. When testing dirt cars, we can manipulate the rear axle to achieve an accurate replication of inputs. The combination of knowledgeable, experienced personnel and equipment allows SoVa Motion to offer customers the best testing experience through drive file and hardware-in-the-loop vehicle simulation. This data can be loaded into the SoVaDAT data analysis tool as well for viewing and set up change assessments. Dirt, asphalt, or road course.

Price: $3000 per day

Tire Reports

We have an $11.3 million tire test machine at our site, and we do testing for teams and series for all over the world. In fact, we are proud to say we conduct all the in-lab NASCAR testing for Goodyear Racing. What we can offer the smaller teams is tire reports. You can use this data to set pressures and camber based on corner loads. Everyone using these reports has had great success with them. Give us a call to see if we have tested the tire you are running. If we haven’t and you still would like the data, we can try and work something out. Asphalt or road course (dirt will be available in the fall).

Price: $875 per side

We are working to make getting you the data, support, and resources the big teams have a reality without breaking your piggy bank. Contact us! We want to work with you for more success at the Pay Window!