Tire Modeling Services

The Virtual Design & Integration Laboratory supports the parameterization of multiple industry standard tire models, from simple force and moment models to complex ride and handling models. The engineers in our simulation group work closely with our customers throughout the data collection and modeling process to ensure the final product is of the highest quality and meets their needs. Tire data is collected and processed on site using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Tire Modeling Capabilities

The math and simulation group within the Virtual Design and Integration Laboratory has the following capabilities in tire modeling:

  • Parametrization in MF-Tyre™, MF-Swift™, and FTire™ formats
  • Ideal correlation of measured and modeled data within modeling programs
  • Standard tire model formats supported by multiple vehicle modeling programs
  • Creation of a tire model that encompasses the full dynamic capability of the LTRe

The simulation engineers at the Virtual Design & Integration Laboratory are experienced with the parameterization process of MF-Tyre, MF-SWIFT, FTire, and PAC2002 tire models.

Test parametrizations include:

  • Steady-state force and moment
  • Traction
  • Combined Slip
  • Rolling Radius
  • Lateral and longitudinal transients
  • Multiple Stiffnesses
  • Cleat envelopment and impacts of various sizes and orientations